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February 8, 2016
by Carey
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Your Guide To Rocking Out At Concerts

rockIf you’re someone who doesn’t go to a lot of rock concerts, you should seriously consider going to one.  You can go to enjoy the atmosphere, listen to awesome music, or both!  Here is your guide to rocking out at the best concerts and how to get the most from your night.

When you’re planning to go to a concert, always make sure you’re going with a buddy or group of friends if you intend to dabble in alcoholic beverages.  You want to ensure your safety and make sure you get home in one piece.  Concerts are pretty safe places but there will always be dangers if you’re alone.  Even if you’re not alone, you should always watch out for your drink and know where it is.  A good tip is to always have your drink in your hand and make sure nobody can gain access to it.  You never know who’s out there and there could always be some sick people in the crowds.  If you have any medical conditions, make sure to wear medical alert bracelets or something to identify your illness.

A second important tip is to wear comfortable shoes.  You never want to be that person who continuously asks their friends to sit with them because their feet hurt.  You didn’t go to the concert to sit and relax and neither did your friends, so make sure that whatever footwear you decide on that night is extremely comfortable and easy to stand and dance in for hours.

The third tip is to plan out your night but go with the flow.  You never know where your night could take you.  Perhaps you get to meet the band and hang out or go out with them after the show!  Or maybe you guys decide on an after party or late night drinks.  You should plan out your night by knowing how you’re getting to the concert and how you’re getting home.  If you have someone driving in your group, make sure their the designated driver and that they’re not drinking.  If you know that you’ll be cabbing or busing, have enough cash and know the routes to and from the venue.  If your plans take a detour, make sure that you’re prepared for what’s coming.  A great night combines knowing what you’re doing and going with the flow.  It can lead you to endless places, but knowing in the back of your mind how you’re getting home is also important.  Just make sure to never put yourself in a sketchy situation and follow your gut feeling.

To sum it all up, a great night of rocking out includes a great group of friends who’s also down for a great night, extremely great footwear, and an attitude of going with the flow but being smart!  This means wearing a necklace for medical alert if you have any illnesses, dancing up a storm, and knowing how you’ll be getting home.  Follow these tips for a great night of rocking out!

January 29, 2016
by Carey
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Classic Rock For Your Ears

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